The Olive Branch Express Changes

We are so pleased to announce some changes coming our way!  Our Gourmet grab and go express concept has been a hit!  For a year now we have been working on expanding our brand.  Our refrigerated case which houses our daily pre-made sandwiches and salads has really taken off.  We have even added a second case at The Roosevelt downtown.

We have been able to open for dinner service at our main location and our evening rentals on the weekends have really taken off!  Phew!

Now that we have been able to make the transition from The Simply Good Eatery into our express concept, we feel that the time has come to phase out the $5 daily special.  We will still be offering our homemade sandwiches and salads and fresh baked jar treats, though!

We have even convinced Jennifer at Spice Village to take on the party room so that patrons can continue to book parties and showers!

We have loved meeting new clientele through the cafe service and we hope that they continue to dine with us; either from our grab-n-go case or in our main restaurant.

At the Olive Branch we offer a daily $5 traditional sandwich, chips and pickle.  It’s a great deal!  We hope to serve you there soon!

Thanks to all of our faithful supporters.  We love being part of your lives!


Located on the second floor of Spice Village

Case items available 7 days a week!



2 thoughts on “The Olive Branch Express Changes

  1. This makes me very sad. I really enjoyed the $5 special and bought one at least twice a week. I will not be purchasing sandwiches though as that is something that I can make at home, and doesn’t hit the spot like the different casseroles did. I am saddened that I will not be continuing giving you weekly business.

    • Kira- We are sorry it makes you sad, we would love for you to give our main restaurant a try. We are just downstairs below Spice. We have plenty of hot meal options like the mac & cheese, baked potato and penne marinara similar to what we served as the $5 special. Your punch card will still be redeemable downstairs. Every meal purchased will get you a punch and will be redeemed as $5.00 off your meal. Downstairs all of our sandwiches at lunch time are $5.00. Stay tuned to the blog and I will work on some great casserole recipes.

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